The Ultimate Guide to Pitching Brands (UPDATED 2022)

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The Ultimate Guide to Pitching Brands (UPDATED 2022)

Jenna Urben
2 ratings

This guide is a comprehensive roadmap to help influencers pitch and partner with brands!

I’ve broken down each step of my proven pitching strategy so you feel confident when reaching out to brands.

You’ll Learn:

- Best practices for working with brands directly

- How to attract large and local brands

- Key tips for creating quality content consistently

- Where to find the correct contacts

- What to include in your media kit

- How to set yourself apart from other influencers

- How to calculate competitive rates

- Takeaways from my past experiences working with brands

- What to keep in mind before, during, and after a campaign

- Common influencer marketing terms defined

You’ll Receive:

Pitch templates, follow up examples, sample introductions, subject line ideas for cold pitches, access to my exclusive support group, and more!


"Jenna is nothing short of amazing! Her guide is comprehensive and detailed, and gives you everything you need to know about brand partnerships. Her insight into the world of pitching and working with brands has transformed my own brand. Since using her strategies, I’ve booked several PAID partnerships which would not have been possible without her help. I reference her pitch templates daily when communicating with brands! If you want to start monetizing your socials I can’t recommend this guide enough." -@taliasplate

“I have loved the guide so far. Great advice, the tone is super friendly, and clear directions… It's totally on point and I'm going to use all of the advice!” -@straighttothehipsbaby

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